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The Rani is a recurring character in the British television science fiction series Doctor Who. She is a renegade Time Lady and was one of the foes of the Doctor..

Pre Universal Experiment HistoryEdit

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Actions During the Warping WeekEdit

The Rani awoke, traumatized by the fact she remembered dying final death after desperately trying to, and failing to, save the Nursery, a facility designed to help time lord children escape the Time War, she soon discovered her Tardis was badly damaged and in need of a long rest to repair itself. she wandered the south west of Britain in a daze and ended up sacrificing her life to save a group of mutant children from a Hound, a mutant hunter killer. she then discovered her regenerations had been restored although the regeneration was extremely violent

Post Warping week Edit

Since her rebirth/regeneration The Rani is using her intellect to help humanity, as a form of penance for her self-perceived arrogance. she works for Action Force with her genetically reprogramed hound, the same hound that once killed her