The Doctor
Tenthpointfive Doctor
The MetaCrisis Tenth Doctor
Portrayed by David Tennant
Tenure 2005–2010
First appearance "Journey's End"
Number of series 1
Appearances 1 story (1 episode)
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A
Series Series 4 (2008)

The MetaCrisis Tenth Doctor is a "human-time lord biological metacrisis" of the tenth incarnation of the Doctor and his Companion Donna Noble


The MetaCrisis Doctor is an anomalous incarnation of the Doctor. He was originally a Human/Timelord Hybrid Grown from the Doctor’s DNA and the DNA of Donna Noble via the energy of an aborted regeneration. Due to an incident involving Donna Noble, the Heart of the Tardis, and the Chronal wake of being ‘Duplicated’ into the UE universe he was transformed into a Neo Gallifreyan he is the only Neo Gallifreyan with one heart, a fact that he knows will change when he regenerates for what could be considered the first time.


As a result of growing partially from Donna's DNA, the new Doctor inherited some of Donna's mannerisms. He's generally more mouthy, brash, quick to anger, than the Tenth Doctor. He claimed he had the same memories, thoughts and feelings of the original Doctor up to the point of his aborted regeneration, making them essentially the same man with physiological differences. However, the original Doctor was quick to point out that his new double was born in battle, full of blood, anger and revenge. This motivated him to commit genocide on the Daleks, an act the original Doctor condemned after the events of the Last Great Time War. This can be contrasted against the Fourth Doctor's decision that he doesn't have the right to commit genocide, that that would make him just as bad as the Daleks (TV: Genesis of the Daleks). The Tenth Doctor described his duplicate as representing the way he had been during his ninth incarnation before meeting Rose.


The MetaCrisis Doctor is physically identical to the Tenth Doctor in appearance. He generally wears a blue (with rust red pinstripes) four-buttoned suit, a shirt and a tie, a light brown faux-suede overcoat, and a pairs of trainers.