The Doctor
The Alternate Ninth Doctor
Portrayed by Kelly Reilly
Tenure 2012–
Appearances N/A stories (N/A episodes)
Preceded by Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)
Succeeded by N/A


Warning: Spoilers!

The Alternate Ninth Doctor, also known as "the Wildcard",and "The Abomination"  but mainly called "The Doctor" is the first female incarnation of the Doctor and an anomaly due to the fact that the Doctor has been male in all his other incarnations. She came into existance when a branched version of the Eighth Doctor took tremendous Physical and Psychic Damage in a battle with The First Evil, and regenerated on top of the Cardiff Rift.

Her fight with the First Evil and her subsequent Regeneration has gifted her with an ability that no other Timelord has access to, She has developed what can basically be called a Linker core. it is this ability, the ability to access and manipulate Mana, thus accessing magic, that caused Rassilon to name her, "The Abomination"


The Alternate Ninth Doctor shares a lot of traits with the Seventh Doctor as she projects an outwardly light hearted persona, masking her true intellect and darker persona. she usually seems to be an energetic if somewhat gobby young woman, but can switch to extremely Intimidating and commanding persona at the drop of a hat.

Like the seventh she is prone to manipulating those around her in pursuit of her goals. she later admits to taking advantage of her Eighth incarnation's situation and the flux in reality to force herself into existance. she prefers to solve her problems without violence only because she is actually extremely good at violence and destruction