an offshoot of humanity the Neo Gallifreyans are Humans who were converted into Gallifreyans like beings

Physical characteristicsEdit

Like the Gallifreyans, Neo Gallifreyans are a telepathic race who are eternally indistinguisable from normal humans, But Like Gallifreyans Internally different. Like Gallifreyans they have a Binary vascular system(two Hearts), which normally beat at 170 beats per minute. their internal body temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and the have a respiratory bypass system. Neo Gallifreyan DNA is about 70% Identical to Gallifreyan DNA, with the final 30% distinctively human. A marked Difference between a Neo Gallifreyan and a Gallifreyan is the fact that a Neo Gallifreyan's Endurance is on average about 1.6 times that of a Gallifreyan

List of Neo Gallifreyans in the UE UniverseEdit

Known Neo Gallifreyans

The MetaCrisis Doctor

Martha Jones

Donna Noble

River Song

Mickey Smith

Jack Harkness

Sarah Jane Smith

Luke Smith

Sky Smith