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An HK-Aerial is refered to a wide variety of Skynet's large airborne VTOL-capable Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer. Derived from the original HK-Drone,[citation needed] it retains the form and maneuver system but on a much larger scale. With wingspans of up to 108 feet[1] and a devastating array of under-slung and wing mounted lasers, missiles, and plasma cannons, the HK-Aerial is fearsome and terrifying to behold.

Often operating in support of ground sweeps by swarms of Series 800 Endoskeletons, they are one of the more dangerous targets for the members of the Resistance to engage.

HK-Aerials can be brought down by shoulder fired surface to air missiles. [2]


The HK-Aerial has been deployed in many configurations by both Skynet and the Soviet Artificial Intelligence MIR. There are light raiders seen patrolling the wastelands of the Future War[3][4], massive and heavily armed ground support craft[5], as well as troop transport variants [6] which on occasion have been captured and subverted for use by the Resistance.[7][8] Continually engineering upgrades to the original design, a smaller, more agile air unit is available in a sleeker, more organic design with the HK-VTOL, [9] a unit powerful enough to carry a Boeing 747 jet engine in a cargo sling.

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  • The HK-Aerial was the very first Hunter Killer seen, appearing in the opening moments of the first film of Terminator series.
  • Jonathan Mostow stated in a documentary that the HK-Aerials in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines were redesigned to be more "shark-like and organic".
  • In Terminator Salvation, the Transport is able to store two HK-Aerials.



Television series


The Terminator
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Terminator Salvation


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