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The Time Lords, also known as the Gallifreyans, are an ancient extraterrestrial race and civilisation of humanoids that in the 'real world' exist in the British science fiction television series Doctor WhoIn the Universal Experiment(UE) Universe reminants of the Gallifreyan Race has been duplicated and scattered throughout the Universe


Physical characteristicsEdit

The Gallifreyans are a telepathic race who are eternally indistinguisable from humans, Internally they are very different. Gallifreyans have a Binary vascular system(two Hearts), which normally beat at 170 beats per minute. A Gallifreyan's internal body temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and the have a respiratory bypass system.

List of Gallifreyans in the UE UniverseEdit

Known Gallifreyans:

The Doctor

The Master

The Rani

The Meddlesome Monk


Neo Gallifreyans