Branching is a time based Phenomenon and in some cases can cause a paradoxal state.


Branching is what happens when a person's timeline splits usually spawning an alternate Timeline.

Branching Within your own timelineEdit

Branching within your own timeline is the paradoxal version of branching. it is where a person's personal timeline splits while still occupying the same space in space time, instead of spawning a alternate timeline or the universe correcting the split, the two personal timelines continue to co-exist. this usually manifests as unhitching a person from the consequences of their time line. usually if you killed a person's past self, the present or future self would cease to exist, in the case of a branched person, killing their past self will no long effect their future or present self.

People who have been branchedEdit

The Doctor

Doctor Emmett Brown

Marty McFLy.

Biff Tannen

Loraine McFly

Kiera Cameron


Matthew Kellog

Sonia Valentine

Travis Vetra

Curtis Chen

Alec Sadler